Superficial and deep venous insufficiency (varicose veins)

Insuffisance veineuse - Planche 1

Venous insufficiency is a disease characterized by heaviness and swelling in the legs, a tingling sensation or muscle cramps.

These symptoms are due to the reflux of blood through the diseased valves.

Insuffisance veineuse - Valve continente

Competent valve


Incompetent valve

The diagnosis is clinical and is confirmed by a Doppler ultrasound in the consultation room.

The treatment depends on the stage of the disease.  It will first be medical, and consist of wearing support stockings, hygienic and dietetic measures, and possibly medication to restore the strength of the venous valves and walls.

Insuffisance veineuse - Traitement étape 1
Insuffisance veineuse - Ablation endoveineuse

A second stage in the treatment will concern sclerotherapy, and consist of injecting an irritating product for the venous wall in the reticular veins or small varicose veins. This injection, which will help close these veins, is administered in the consultation room.

Surgical intervention will be required in more advanced cases. The surgical approach is less and less invasive nowadays. The technique consists of introducing a laser or radiofrequency probe inside the veins to burn them from the inside.  This surgery is not very invasive and is carried out at a day hospital under local or loco-regional anaesthesia.

Endovenous ablation


1.Catheter in the vein

2.The vein is burned and closes itself

3.The catheter is taken of and the vein closed

Stripping of the vein

By invagination

Insuffisance veineuse - Stripping de la veine