Carotid stenosis

The (two) carotid arteries are among the most important arteries of the human body: they supply blood to the brain. Situated to the right and to the left of the neck, they branch  at the jaw into an external carotid artery which supplies the face and neck, and an internal carotid artery that supplies the brain.

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Cholesterol is often deposited in this bifurcation, and debris may get detached and migrate to the brain causing what is known as a cerebrovascular accident (CVA).

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It is important to keep the state of the carotid bifurcation under control in case of a cardiovascular risk factor:  smoking, cholesterol, cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure (whence the importance of preventive medicine!).  This examination (by Doppler ultrasound, is carried out in the consultation room.

If the carotid bifurcation should shrink significantly, surgical intervention is needed to prevent a CVA, i.e. incise the artery and remove the debris.

This operation is ideally performed under loco-regional anaesthesia to be able to monitor the patient’s state of consciousness throughout the intervention.

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Fermeture sur patch biologique

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